Fingerprinting, by ink or electronically, for criminal record verification.

ACCESS IDentité is authorized to take your fingerprints and submit them via our supplier directly to the RCMP for processing.

Fingerprint background checks are the best way to ascertain a person’s identity and are required to obtain a criminal record check if:

  • Employment, pre-employment
  • Application for citizenship, permanent residence and immigration
  • Request for pardon or suspension of criminal record
  • Visa request
  • Child Adoption
  • Work in the vulnerable area after going through your police department.

The fingerprinting service provides a quick and efficient way to obtain the results of a criminal record check directly with the RCMP. ACCESS IDentity will instantly transmit fingerprints directly to the RCMP and the results will be mailed to you within 5 to 15 days in most cases.

ACCESS IDentité is the only agency in the entire region of Metropolitan Quebec that uses technology developed in Quebec by a firm that has more than 20 years of experience in biometrics to verify the criminal record to meet the standards of all civil applications.

With its new technologies, it takes a few minutes for ACCESS IDentité staff to take fingerprints and forward them to the RCMP in a completely secure electronic way.

Rates: between $ 49 and $ 79, variant according to need and quantity.

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