Have your resume certified before the employer asks you. Distinguish yourself!

What is the point for job verification?

A future employer will be more confident and you will be interviewed before the others because your CV has been previously certified by us. Our seal will prove it. You avoid pre-employment costs to your future employer. Take advantage of our service to ensure that your application file contains no errors and avoid being refused following the final interview. Opt for freedom of mind!

Here’s what your certification will include:

Information on the negative criminal record such as:

  • Confirmation of the absence of a criminal record in Canada. Otherwise, the law does not allow the disclosure of the details of the offense or conviction.
  • International criminal record, if applicable
  • Driver’s license certification (validity and class)

Credit report information:

  • Audit of the financial profile
  • Rating of credit rating

Confirmation of academic and professional recognition:

  • Validity of diplomas obtained
  • Equivalence of studies granted by the Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities (MICC)
  • Membership in associations and professional orders, if applicable
  • Checking references from previous employers
  • Status Checks, Skill Cards

In order to provide you with fair, relevant and credible information about your profile, we work closely with Human Resources and Corporate Recruitment staff.

Rates: between $ 99 and $ 179, varying according to need and quantity.

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