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A criminal record is a significant impediment to your life because it can limit access to employment, career development and out-of-town travel. To erase it, you must make a request for forgiveness, also known as a suspension of criminal record.

Your criminal record can harm you if you want to be employed in the following fields of activity: banking, insurance, security, government, finance, trade, etc.

The criminal record suspension allows a person to have their file isolated from other records: all information on convictions is removed from the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) computer system and permission from the Ministry of Security public is necessary to consult it.

From your first meeting with ACCESS IDentité specialists, a quote will be made between $499 and $799. The advantage that our company offers you is to make a personalized quote for your needs instead of a fixed price at a higher price. Moreover, we offer you to get involved in your file and thus reduce the costs for you.

A retired police officer, with 25 years of service in a police organization, or a paralegal will duly complete your pardon application with the best wording to increase your chances of having your file accepted by the Parole Board of Canada (PBC).

Also, did you know that ACCESS IDentity offers you to spread your payments before the final submission of your request for a criminal record suspension in order to reduce the impact of the cost of this request?

The first step, carried out via our offices, is the taking of fingerprints. To do this, please contact us at 418-380-0891 in the Quebec City area, or at 450-910-1701 in the Montreal area, or make a direct appointment on our website. During this meeting, take care to have two pieces of ID with photos.

Rates: between $ 499 and $ 799 depending on the need for support, plus the costs of the PBC. The payment can be made in several payments.

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