The purpose of the pardon application

Promotions and Employment

First of all, it is important to know that some people have difficulty getting a promotion because of their criminal record. By having your pardon application, you become eligible for a promotion, and therefore, for a salary increase. This increase will quickly pay for your pardon application. In addition, many other jobs will be available to you because you will meet the eligibility criteria for the job, either having a clean record or having obtained a pardon.


Next, you will significantly reduce your home, car and life insurance costs by obtaining your pardon application. In fact, some of our clients have difficulty obtaining proper insurance because of their offences. However, once you have applied for a pardon, your insurer cannot deny you proper insurance. We can even provide you with a letter attesting that you have started the pardon application process in order to reduce costs while waiting for a response from the Parole Board of Canada (PBC). This will save you a lot of money and will allow you to pay for your pardon application.

Free Yourself

Finally, you can feel free from your convictions. Some people feel remorse and still feel guilty after several years. Don’t worry, this is normal. We can help you take this heavy weight off your shoulders by accompanying you through the process of applying for a pardon.

Any Questions on Pardon Applications

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Why choose ACCÈS IDentité for your pardon application?

First of all, ACCESS IDentity offers you a personalized service for your criminal record. This is why the price varies between $400 and $700. When we receive your file from the RCMP, we proceed with a submission of your file and you have the  choice to continue with us or to make your request alone.

Then, a former police officer with 25 years of experience will ensure that your file is completed with rigour by understanding your situation in order to explain your situation as well as possible to the PBC. Finally, the forms are duly completed, without error, in order to avoid further delays.

If you decide to make your application alone, we will accompany you. For a fee, we will verify your entire pardon application before it is finally sent to the PBC and offer you our advice for a better chance of acceptance.