360° background checks on individuals

Do you have a strategic position to fill?

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Our background checks services

Perfect if your company requires an in-depth investigation in order to fill an important position.

  • Aspiring police officer
  • Corporate Security Officer
  • Business Partner
  • Senior executive in charge of your finances
  • An employee with access to sensitive and confidential information
  • And much more...



The Accès Identité and Investigation Advantage

What the 360° background check service includes

Background checks by fingerprinting sent to the RCMP*. *Includes an advanced search for current and past criminal charges against the individual as well as any civil litigation involving the individual.

Complete credit report and asset valuation

Security and reliability check on family relationships and close relatives

Random professional and personal references

Social Media Reputation Check

Safety interview conducted by an experienced investigator

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Optional fact checking by an accredited polygraphist.

* Rates: from $1200.

Starting at $2500 if you add the polygraphist’s report


No, it is not possible to obtain an example because all our files are confidential.

However it is possible to send you the security questionnaire.

In the performance of his duties, the private investigator has a code of ethics that he must follow in order to respect the rules so as not to infringe on people’s privacy. He is bound to professional secrecy at all times. The information gathered always remains confidential.

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