Criminal record by fingerprinting

ACCÈS IDentité is authorized to take your fingerprints and submit them electronically directly to the RCMP for processing.

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Criminal record by fingerprinting

A criminal record check by fingerprinting is the best way to ensure a person’s identity and is mandatory to obtain a criminal record check in the following cases :



The Accès Identité Advantage

The fingerprinting service provides a quick and efficient way to obtain the results of a criminal record check directly with the RCMP.

ACCÈS IDentité uses technology developed in Quebec by a firm with over 20 years of experience in biometrics to verify criminal records for all civil applications.

Step 1

Make an appointment with our team. For an appointment outside of available hours, please contact us by phone.

Step 2

We take your fingerprints and send them instantly to the RCMP for evaluation.

Step 3

The RCMP will mail you the results within 5 to 25 days.

Our Offices

You can book an appointment online or by phone to reserve the technician for Quebec City and Longueuil.

You must make an appointment by phone or email for Ville St-Laurent, Laval and Trois Rivières. And for an additional fee we will come to you.


With its new technologies, it only takes a few minutes for ACCÈS IDentité staff to take fingerprints and forward them to the RCMP in a fully secure electronic format.

* Rates: $78.28, depending on the need and quantity

* International processing fee: $180.00.

ACCÈS IDentité also offers the service of commissioner of oaths for your needs for your various documents from government agencies, law enforcement, law firms, businesses and individuals.


Please allow approximately 20 minutes for the fingerprinting appointment. Your request will be forwarded to the RCMP. For the RCMP, the delays are approximately 5 to 25 days if you do not have a criminal record. Otherwise, it can take up to 120 days.

YES, we offer appointments between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. every day except Friday afternoon and weekends. Appointments are mandatory to avoid unnecessary waiting and to ensure that a certified technician is on site. Also, if you make an appointment, we offer evening and some Saturday time slots to accommodate you.

You must present 2 valid pieces of government issued identification, one of which must have a photo. In some cases, you should not forget the document from your police station, and in others, the document from your organization or employer. Also, we accept payment in cash, debit card and credit card.

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