Who we are

ACCÈS IDentité is a private company authorized and certified by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

How we started

Accès Identité offers a multitude of identification and identity verification services. The company was created following the discontinuation of civilian services by police forces.

We have police and legal knowledge to better accompany you and inform you about our various services.

Remain the private security services company that stands out from the competition by its two major axes:

Prevention and rehabilitation

– Reliability
– Speed
– Privacy
– Rigour
– Transparency
– Professionalism

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The services we offer

Our Offices

To make an appointment in person, contact us at [GEOLOCALNUMBER] or by email!

We are available with and without an appointment in Quebec City. We are also available by appointment only in Terrebonne, and with our partners in Ville St-Laurent and Laval.

Objective: Security

We are located in the Longueuil, and Quebec City area and most of our services are available online.

Nos employés

Chacun de nos employé passe à travers un processus d’embauche rigoureux pour s’assurer de la fiabilité de ceux-ci. Nous nous assurons que notre personnel est consciencieux et professionnel pour offrir un service hors pair.


Notre mandat est d’offrir des services accessible à des tarifs avantageux pour les organismes à but non lucratifs, les bénévoles et les gens désirant entreprendre une demande de pardon.

Entreprise autorisée

Nous sommes une entreprise partenaire et autorisée par la Gendarmerie Royale du Canada.

Our employees

Each of our employees goes through a rigorous hiring process to ensure their reliability. We make sure that our staff is conscientious and professional to provide outstanding service.


Our mandate is to provide accessible services at advantageous rates for non-profit organizations, volunteers and individuals wishing to apply for a pardon.

Authorized company

We are a partner company and authorized by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

We operate in accordance with the highest standards of quality, both for our customer service and for all our procedures regarding the confidentiality of personal information.


François Du Sablon


François Du Sablon has more than 25 years in business, technology and human resources. He has owned a staff placement agency and is always on the lookout for trends in human resources. He is also a private investigator and manages investigations.

Martin Laliberté


Martin Laliberté has 25 years of experience as a police officer with the Sureté du Québec. His expertise and knowledge of the laws will provide you with sound advice.

Nathalie Leclerc

Associate Advisor

Nathalie Leclerc worked for over 7 years as an executive secretary. She also has 11 years of experience and expertise of record suspension (pardon) and Canadian waiver applications. She really enjoys working with the public. She can't wait to meet you.


Associate Advisor

Our new associate is a professional with a diverse background in customer service, team management and project coordination. Sandra is our manager for the Longueuil area and will handle your fingerprints, pardon/waiver applications and more...

N.B. The rest of our team cannot be disclosed to protect their identities in our various investigations.