Private Investigations

Whether it is for an investigation or anything concerning the private security of an individual or a company, the investigation department of ACCÈS IDentité and Investigation is THE reference.

Numéro du bureau de la sécurité public INV 20033019

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Our Private Investigation Services

ACCÈS IDentité and Investigation offers several investigation services tailored for individuals and/or businesses such as industries, lawyers, insurance companies, government agencies, etc.).

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The Accès Identité and Investigation Advantage

Our team offers quality service and performance and above all at competitive prices. We are efficient, fast of execution and confidentiality is at the heart of our concerns.

In addition, we create the most economical survey plans for our clients.

Information about an individual

You wish to carry out a search on an individual in order to obtain some information

Solvency, search for seizable assets and property

Do you want to know if a person or business has ever gone bankrupt, or about their ability to pay?

Information for and about businesses

Would you like to establish long-lasting business relationships and obtain information on certain companies?


Victim of theft, fraud, vandalism. Productivity issues in the workplace for union reasons, intimidation, harassment, consumerism.


Private surveillance for adultery, fraud, work accident, absenteeism. To avoid labour disputes or sale of drugs.


We can help you with various types of cyberinvestigations or computer crimes by intrusion (social networks, websites, etc.).

Our Offices

To make an appointment in person, contact us at 581-200-2017 or by email!


Vérification et sécurité

Our team, made up of former police officers and experienced civilians, are all authorized by the Office of Private Security to conduct investigations of all kinds.

Each case is evaluated according to your needs AND your budget. Rest assured that we will never exceed our projected fees without your prior consent and that all our services are offered at the lowest possible price.

Two types of rates are offered by our investigation division, depending on the service you require. Our basic fixed-price services are available for as little as $85 and our hourly rate starts at $70/hour.


We are often familiar with private detectives in detective movies, but it is important to know that it is a profession in its own right, often unknown to the general public. The main mission of a detective is to investigate on behalf of his clients but also to inform and assist them.

Any investigation carried out by the detective must be of a legal and legitimate nature. This gives him the right to refuse the mandate without having to give a precise reason.

In the performance of his duties, the private detective has a code of ethics that he must follow in order to respect the rules so as not to infringe on people’s privacy. He is bound to professional secrecy at all times. The information gathered always remains confidential.

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