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What is a pardon application?

A criminal record is a significant barrier to your life as it can limit access to employment, career development and travel. To clear it, you must apply for a pardon, also known as a record suspension.

A criminal record suspension allows a person to have his or her record isolated from other records: all conviction information is removed from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) computer system and permission from the Department of Public Safety is required to access it.



The Accès Identité Advantage

From your first meeting with the specialists at ACCÈS IDentité, a personalized quote related to your needs will be presented to you at an advantageous cost.

ACCÈS IDentité also offers the commissioner of oaths service for your needs for your various documents from government agencies, law enforcement agencies, law firms, businesses and individuals.

Step 1

Appointment with our team to evaluate your case

Step 2

File opening, fingerprinting and application form

Step 3

Submission of the final file prior to submission to the Parole Board of Canada.

Our Offices

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Our paralegals and our retired police officers will duly complete your pardon application with the best wording to increase your chances of having your file accepted at the Parole Board of Canada (PBC).

* Rates: $850 on average

Did you know that ACCÈS IDentité offers to spread your payments before the final mailing of your application for suspension of criminal record to reduce the impact of the cost of this application.

**We also offer a review of your file before sending it to the PBC. **


The entire process can take between 8 and 15 months depending on the candidate’s situation, which will be explained to you at the first meeting.

– Your identity cards

– Your addresses for the last 10 years

– Your fingerprints to get your criminal record

– A power of attorney will be presented to you for signature in order to carry out the procedures on your behalf.

For a summary offence it takes 5 years after sentence and probation. For an indictable offence it takes 10 years after sentence and probation. Naturally, all fines will also have to be paid. There is something new for offences before 2013, ask one of our advisors.

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