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We are looking for resellers of our pre-use application.
A demonstration of the application is available on request!
(Verification also available on request for job openings)

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    Our solution verifies up to four factors in pre-employment: criminal record; driver’s license validity; credit history; and a confirmation of employment and salary from a previous employer. Our verifications are performed by a police service via CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre). Our online services allow you to obtain the results in less than a few hours.


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    The three secrets of our pre-employment solution

    The first secret of our solution lies in our ability to identify candidates online. No more copies of identification documents; no more signatures at the bottom of forms; no more witness signatures; no more unsecured emailing, etc. Candidates are identified using a questionnaire generated by our verification partner based on their respective personal files. Our platform was jointly developed by our team and a firm specializing in secure web development. Our solution has obtained legal authorizations and security clearances from various police forces as well as Equifax Canada, all in accordance with the requirements of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

    Our second secret, or innovation if you prefer, is that this platform can integrate your logo and colours as a customer partner. Your candidates will always feel as if they are dealing with you, entrusting their confidential information to your company and not to a specialized firm they don’t know. This option is not an obligation but a choice that is open to you.

    Our third secret is that only criminal record checks are obligatorily performed through us, and all of them are accompanied by an original certificate that could serve as proof of verification. All other verification services such as credit files, driver’s licenses, professional references can be, at your choice, processed by us or can be administered by you, i.e. you can do the verifications yourself depending on your particular needs.

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    A contract as well as a detailed table of service rates could be produced taking into account your needs as well as your estimated volume over one year.

    * Rates : A single invoice between $500 and $1,500 will be issued to start an implementation as well as basic training, including access to customer service throughout the year during business hours.

    A monthly fee for hosting the customized application (between $45 and $85) as well as an invoice based on the use of the services that are accessible in a report generated by the application. You will therefore have access to your billing information at all times, directly on the application.

    Depending on the number of services requested, your report will be delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

    Once you have obtained your candidate’s permission, all you have to do is send us their name, personal telephone number and e-mail address. We’ll take care of the rest.

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