Tips to avoid renting your appartment to a bad tenant

Avoid having a poorly rented appartment

Remember that an empty apartment is much better than a badly rented one. Indeed, thanks to technology, we are now able to investigate a future tenant. It is therefore important to do a background check on the stranger who will be renting your building. Once the lease has been signed and the individual has moved in, it is often too late to investigate the candidate. In this article, we share a few tips to avoid the worst.

What we check

ACCÈS IDentité gives you the opportunity to check whether the applicant is a good payer. Does he or she have debts? Does he pay his accounts on the due date? Has he or she ever declared bankruptcy? This gives you a good idea of the type of person and their payment habits. Of course, ACCÈS IDentité provides you with a written report recommending or not recommending the candidate based on several points assessed.

ACCÈS IDentité relies on several aspects of the candidate’s life. These aspects are: professional, personal and moral. First of all, we check if the candidate has a job, the salary of the candidate, his attitude at work, etc. Secondly, we check whether the candidate has a criminal record. Finally, a personal survey is conducted to verify the candidate’s relationships, lifestyle and past history.

ACCÈS IDentité confirms or disproves the candidate’s claims. Indeed, some candidates will lie to the landlord about their job, their company, their assets in order to get the apartment rented to them. ACCÈS IDentité is able to determine the candidate’s assets and verify if they are really telling the truth. We also estimate the candidate’s salary and determine whether or not he is able to pay the rent according to various current expenses.

ACCÈS IDentité investigates the tenant’s behaviour towards his former landlords. Thus, if the landlord claims that the applicant left the dwelling in a shabby state, we will advise against it. Moreover, if the landlord claims that he had difficulties receiving payment, he will do the same with you.

ACCÈS IDentité will provide you with a complete and detailed report of the candidate in question. This report is a summary of the candidate’s investigation and will advise you of an informed choice. Of course, the final decision will be yours. However, keep in mind that a reliable tenant is worth its weight in gold.


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Online Application

ACCÈS IDentité now offers you the possibility to make your pre-rental request directly online on our website. It will be our pleasure to help you find the ideal candidate for your accommodation, and this, WITHOUT ANY hassle.

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