Court ledger or Police Certificate?

The Police Certificate is Comprehensive

The court ledger includes only criminal charges from the province of Quebec and excludes the municipal courts of Montreal, Laval and Longueuil. This is why ACCESS IDentity offers you a more complete document commonly known as a police certificate.

Perhaps the most striking difference is that the police certificate is more accurate and complete than the court ledger. In fact, this document takes into account all Canadian police databases (CPIC), unlike the court ledger. Therefore, a court conviction occurring outside the province will appear on the police certificate document, unlike the court ledger document, which does not include out-of-province offences and offences in the municipal courts of Montreal, Laval and Longueuil. You cannot be 100% certain that a person does not have a criminal record with a court ledger check, as no document containing a negative record will be issued to you. ACCESS IDentity issues in collaboration with a Canadian police force a certificate of validity of the criminal record. We can even verify charges that are pending.

Why you should get a police certificate

The police certificate has several uses:

– getting a new job;
– making sure your tenants are trustworthy;
– volunteering for an organization;
– making sure your employees have a clean record;
– help you get across the border.

Différences entre plumitif et certificat de police. Ce dernier est complet.

ANY QUESTIONS ON Police Certificates?

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Why choose ACCÈS IDentité for your police certificate?

In addition, the response time for the police certificate varies between 24 hours and a few days at most, which is very fast. If someone has a similar name and date of birth, the ledger will show up and you will think it is your candidate. You will probably lose the chance of having a reliable employee. ACCÈS IDentité offers you an alternative solution if a match occurs, fingerprinting. This way, you will be assured that it is the right person since fingerprints are unique to each person.

We offer the police certificate service anywhere in the world for Canadians. If you are outside Quebec City or in the regions, contact us for more information about the police certificate.

Finally, the police certificate has a legal validity of six months. However, some employers accept it up to one year after the date of issue.